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About Me

After multiple rewrites of this statement and wondering how would I introduce myself or explain how I got to this point in my life, I decided to start with Hi my name is Roxie and I am 31 years old living in the state of Utah. I studied Accounting at CSUSB in California (my home state) and currently work as a data analyst while pursuing my Masters degree in Data Analytics in the evening. Overall, I have done well reaching all the professional goals that I set for myself. So why this blog? Why the focus on finding my happiness?

Honestly... after years of 60 hour work weeks and endless late nights studying, I woke up one day a 30 year old recently divorced, childless, in a house I can barely afford, 700 miles away from my family, and realized that during all that time I lost sight of what truly is important in life: Fulfillment and Happiness. I had put my emotional needs on hold and even my passions to the side while I pursued only physical and financial goals. I am proud of my achievements but the question kept coming back to me 'What am I missing?'. I tackled my weight, counted every calorie I ate, tracked every step I took, but in the end I still found myself struggling with anxiety and depression on a daily basis. Finally after even antidepressants couldn't solve the problem I simply got fed up. Fed up with accepting this was life. 


I started searching, and I was walking the aisles at a local bookstore when the novel I started to write 8 years ago popped into my mind. Still half finished, still didn't have the confidence to let anyone read it. So I decided to start this blog to build my skills as a writer and to use it as a therapeutic outlet to help me find peace. As I started writing and thinking about what this could become and how it will help me grow as a person, I realized that I wanted it to be a place where not only I could grow but maybe help others grow as well. I know I'm not alone in the search for happiness, so maybe we can help each other find balance between the daily grind of our lives and making time for ourselves.


I believe life has a lot to offer, and its up to us to seize the day! And that day is Today!

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